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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can transform the way your business attracts, manages, closes, and nurtures customers.

LBMC Technology Solutions makes it easy to assess, implement, and support the CRM software you choose to move your business forward. We work with you to identify a path to achieve your goal, then provide solutions to help you get there whether it’s implementing out-of-the-box CRM or providing a customized solution to meet your unique needs.

What CRM Software Can Do for Your Business

  • Strengthen customer engagement by building personalized experiences
  • Work smarter and faster with automated workflows and processes
  • Gain valuable insights with real-time data
  • Make accurate, quick decisions using advanced reporting and dashboards
  • Integrate with other business software to maximize efficiency throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Protect customer data with enterprise-level security

Choosing the Best CRM Software for Your Business

We want to align you with the best CRM that fits your needs. Our technology specialists are here to help you determine what is the best CRM for your company.


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Your Business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for  Sales

Streamline your sales process and get seamless Microsoft Office 365 integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Professional. Enable sales to easily collaborate across functions within Dynamics 365 customer information and file sharing directly from Microsoft Teams. Work on the go with rich and seamless mobile applications, and close deals faster using real-time collaboration with colleagues and customers.

  • Easy Set up and integration
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Familiar user experience
  • Flexible and extensible platform
  • Insights and analytics

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Dynamics 365 for Marketing automates marketing processes throughout the customer journey. With seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, marketing and sales teams can work together to find and nurture leads, close more deals, and maximize return on investment (ROI).

  • Automate email campaigns
  • Plan and promote events
  • Create landing pages and forms
  • Collaborate seamlessly with sales

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Demo Video Library

Capture Leads with Power Virtual Agent
Can you support conversational marketing with Dynamics 365 Marketing?
Can you support conversational marketing with Dynamics 365 Marketing?
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Capture Leads with LinkedIn
Dynamics 365 offer several features for integrating LinkedIn with your marketing and sales initiatives.
Dynamics 365 offer several features for integrating LinkedIn with your marketing and sales initiatives.
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Capture Leads with Customer Voice
Dynamics 365 Marketing when integrated with Customer Voice brings a rich set of capabilities for asking for feedback.
Dynamics 365 Marketing when integrated with Customer Voice brings a rich set of capabilities for asking for feedback.
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Campaign Effectiveness
How to track campaign effectiveness in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.
How to track campaign effectiveness in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.
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The C2
How a C2 interfaces with content that you’ve created in Dynamics 365 Marketing.
How a C2 interfaces with content that you’ve created in Dynamics 365 Marketing.
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Collaborate with Sales
Let’s take a look at how Dynamics 365 helps marketing collaborate with sales.
Let’s take a look at how Dynamics 365 helps marketing collaborate with sales.
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Salesforce Consulting

Connect to your customers, build meaningful and lasting relationships, and identify opportunities to grow your business. Within a single view of every customer interaction you can sell, service, and market like never before. See why Salesforce customers report 37% more sales revenue and 45% higher customer satisfaction.

  • Access information in one place
  • Accelerate sales productivity
  • Save time. Automate the small stuff.
  • Make deals happen anywhere, anytime.
  • Flexible reporting and dashboards

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3 Essential Business Functions to Help Your Business Be Tri-umphant

The “Big 3,” that’s managing their relationships with their clients, their relationships with their employees and their ability to make money and be profitable. A business might consider themselves “triumphant” if at any given time they have all three of these points in check. So how does Microsoft’s Business Cloud with Office 365 and Dynamics 365 help a business keep these points in check?  Well…like this:

1. Managing Client Relationships

First, if any business is concerned about its relationship with its clients and customers, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is a crucial application. Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement is Microsoft’s CRM solution and arguably the most robust yet easy to use CRM solution on the market today. A CRM system like Dynamics 365 helps keep your employees and business processes in sync and focused on providing the best possible service to your clients and customers. A CRM becomes your system-of-record for all things customer related, acting as a tuning fork to measure the customer experience and your relationship. Besides keeping track of the obvious Sales Deals, Customer Service Issues and other Customer Details, Dynamics 365 can help you track vital back-office needs such as contract management or managing projects as well. A point often missed during early search efforts. Think of Dynamics 365 as an operations platform, not just a great sales and marketing tool.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Intelligent Business Applications

Re-imagine business processes to enable digital transformation within organizations. This video shows how Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies CRM and ERP capabilities into intelligent applications that work seamlessly together across marketing, sales, operations, customer service and field service. It also shows the seamless integration of Office 365, as well as what is possible for your business when using HoloLens as well IoT devices with Dynamics 365 – all to help you engage your customers in new ways, empower employees, optimize operations and transform your products and services.

2.  Managing Employee Relationships

But how does a business improve their relationship with their employees?  Well besides the obvious “pay them more” response, most employees will tell you that having access to the right tools they need to do their job faster/easier/more efficiently is way up the list.  Specifically, the most commonly requested tools these days are those that support better team communication and collaboration….

”Betty gets tired of having to send an email to Tom in the warehouse every time he needs to ship materials to a job site.”

This is where Office 365 really starts to shine.  Not only does it take care of your email, but your Office applications and your documents, with Microsoft Teams, Office 365 also provide your employees with a new way to collaborate.  Working together without the emails, the hallway discussions or the proverbial last minute 5:45 meeting on a Friday.  Microsoft Teams gives your employees the ability to keep tabs on what each person is doing on a project, job or task or with a client.  What’s better, thanks to the built-in interoperability of Office 365 and Dynamics 365, you can connect Microsoft Teams up to your Dynamics 365 (CRM) so that all activity stays in sync between both systems giving the most complete view of your customer, job or project as possible.  Now Betty doesn’t have to email Tom anymore, Tom gets notified automatically because he is using MS Teams to track the progress on the job. Microsoft’s Office 365 and Dynamics 365 solutions can come together to best support your customers and your employees!

Microsoft Teams: The Basics and Beyond

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in Office 365 that is a hub for collaboration, providing secure access to all the information teams need to work together. In this video, Microsoft demonstrates Teams can bring your coworkers together using channels to chat, call, meet, and store shared files.

3.  Optimizing Sales Productivity

But what about the numbers? This is all well and good but at the end of the day, what is the impact on the bottom line. Not to imply that it prints money, but Power BI, Microsoft’s Business Intelligence solution, can help you make sure you are staying profitable.  As the most recent addition to the Microsoft Business Cloud, Power BI is Microsoft’s answer to the old report writing software that you needed a Ph.D. to use.  As a next generation cloud-based business intelligence tool, Power BI is built on Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite providing the power of machine learning algorithms that can tell you what you should important business trends you should look at.  That’s right, a reporting tool that tells you what revenue or other business trends you might need to address.

Power BI can either host or directly connect to one or many data sources and allows users to easily create compelling reports, visuals/graphs and add them to dashboards that can be shared out to other users.  Once again, thanks to built-in Office/Dynamics 365 interoperability, Power BI can directly connect to your Dynamics 365 (CRM) and retrieve data such as sales or service metrics, customer counts and summaries or maybe view user activity in the system.  Then, after you have created your Power BI dashboard, you can easily display that same dashboard back in Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Power BI: The Future for Modern and Enterprise

Power BI enables clients to build a data culture in their organizations by empowering analysts and enabling agile enterprise BI. Microsoft Business Cloud use cases like these should be the objective of any business looking to adopt a cloud-based business systems infrastructure. Most businesses would agree, there are still an unlimited number of other challenges today’s businesses have left to solve. It’s best to work with a technology firm like LBMC Technology Solutions that can help you navigate and evaluate the growing number of cloud solutions.  As a Microsoft Gold Partner, LBMC Technology Solutions has the experience to help you maximize the benefits of the Microsoft Business Cloud.

Interested in learning more about Microsoft solutions for your business? Contact us.

Our Approach to CRM Implementation

We’re here to ensure you receive the highest ROI on your CRM investment. Our experts will provide a plan to help you gain a deep understanding of the product and its capabilities for your organization.

Smart Start Deployment

LBMC Technology Solutions helps you deploy your CRM software in weeks instead of months. We’ve developed a proven way to get your CRM up and running so you can begin managing your sales cycle and getting more insight into your prospects’ and customers’ activities.

Smart Re-Start Program

Our Re-Start Program is designed to analyze the root causes of a possible failed implementation and help you re-boot. We work closely with your staff to determine why the current CRM is not providing the expected level of benefit, then make strategic changes to your environment to best align with your business objectives.